David R. Altman

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Altman's professional writing career has included broadcast news, corporate speech writing, strategic communication plans, newspaper articles, movie reviews, author profiles, editorial and personal columns and, most recently, his first book of poetry. His poetry has been called "profound", "rare" and "insightful" by some of the country's great contemporary poets. His prose, which can be found attached here in articles from the Pickens County (Ga.) Progress and other publications, often conveys a deeper meaning to those mundane issues we face in everyday life. He has written humor ("The Wife As Fishing Partner" & "Curse of the Grand Dogs"), serious ("Spielberg Misrepresents the South in "Lincoln" & "Reflections on Life & Death: Three Wise Men Who Touched My Life") and often about the realities of living in the north Georgia mountains ("Who's Killing Our Bears" and "Postcard from Destin: Don't Leave the Mountains"). Fifteen years into his "retirement", Altman's wide range of work is continuing, as he is currently working on a personal memoir and another collection of poetry.